Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Back in the Game O' Blogging

Much, much has transpired since my last communication. I am portraying Anthony in a production of Sweeney. I have met some beautiful and fun new people and am enjoying the process of building a character and his story via musical theatre. It is a challenge to learn this music. Sondheim is not easy, as anyone knows.

I loved Iron Man. It was ludicrous!!!!

I still believe that Hillary can win and is the way to go. Let us count FL and MI please.

Newfound people like Justin (Justonian), Ian (nickname still being decided - TBA), and Josh (Sequoia) are making my life happy and full of charms and delights.

It is a pleasure to return to some older friends like Duane, Andy, Kathryn, etc.

Working with my Sheabuttah is a distinct blessing. Anthony has to have a capable Johanna and she is all that and then some. What a pleasure to act and sing with her. The chemistry is palpable.

Sandi Patty's new CD, Songs for the Journey is astounding and I am amazed at how she and her artistry soothe, encourage, and propel me onward. She is music to me.

Gavin DeGraw's CD is not too shabby either... Such an interesting voice and fun tunes!

I am about to be busier that I can describe, but it feels wonderful as I have been dormant these past few months in many capacities.

Continue the flossing and I shall return shortly.


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