Monday, August 10, 2009

The Kick Ass Brothers (And the Theatre Room I Am Going to Steal)

I just spent the day with my brothers, Bran Flakes and Patricio watching "Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood", "Sin City", and "Live Free or Die Hard" in Bran Flake's







Theatre Room. (It deserves all three kick asses and then some actually.)

It was a Testosterone Day and I made it all the way through. Can we say the same for Patricio? (Titty baby. Ha.)

I think that was the first blog smack talk I have "thrown down".

I had never seen "Sin City" or "Live Free or Die Hard". Both were excellent.

I did not want to leave the nirvana that is the magic room of cinema wonder.

So, thanks to Bran Flakes for hosting and for having the idea.

And Patrick, let me know how that nipple is treating you.

Here's to smack talk... How liberating! (Especially when I am in control of the forum!)
Here's to a kick ass theatre room.
And to even more kick ass brothers,

1 comment:

Patrick the Angry, Angry Viewer said...

Yes, that "titty" happened to be in the form of a lawn that had to be mowed because my backyard looked like the Peruvian jungle. Besides, what would you know about titty, anyway?