Monday, August 3, 2009

The Adult Playground (Just a Little How My Night Went And a Couple of Other Newities Note)

When I first started blogging, I just shared rather stream of consciousness notes and felt no pressure to be articulate or say anything of real merit... I just wanted to share. Now when I venture to the world of my blog I feel as though I should really have something of significance to write. I STRONGLY feel there is power in this medium and I want to put "something good" out in the internet cosmos.

However, tonight I just wanted to share the story of a drama-free, pleasant night. No frills, no deep journey, no analysis... just what happened. Read if you likey. :-)

I had a wonderful night out with my cast-mate, Stephanie, who plays Eliza in "My Fair Lady". She is such a talented, fun, true spirit... What a treat to work with her and be getting to know her.

Mmm... Star of India. It is my home away from home.

And how much fun is it to go to Barnes and Noble, get a Vanilla Steamer (or whatever drink you prefer), and look at all the goodies o' books, magazines, DVDs, etc.? It is such a comfort to spend some time there, like a grown-up playground if you will. :-)

I have a new roomie moving into tomorrow. Duvall, welcome to the Realm of the Red Door. I had the opportunity to work with him in "Les Mis" and he is a commanding energy, real, present, and sweet. I look forward to the new dynamic and making this place a home.

Also, I am going to Children's Hospital to talk with the Volunteer Services about volunteering there. (I think the fact I would be volunteering is a bit self-explanatory due to the adjective of "Volunteer", but one never knows...) I have felt called to give of my time for a while now and it feels nice to be actually following through with that desire. It is just a meeting and we need to see if I am a right fit for the place.

It was a pleasant night. I revel in new connections. Life is good.


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