Friday, August 14, 2009

The Pleasant Hermit

This evening I smelled the first scent of Fall. I can feel it coming and I am so excited, I am! The Autumn is always a magical time for me and I am looking forward to creating some new traditions of my own. Autumn, autumn, autumn... :-)

Other than performing in my show, I have been a hermit the past few weeks and I must say that I quite enjoy it. Every once in a while I do not mind getting out, but I so enjoy being alone... really.

I do not know when I became this person, but it is someone I am getting to know quite well in the down time. He is a dapper and odd fellow and he is ME! Ha.

I watched "Ghostbusters" the other night and I forgot how much I love that film. It is impossible not to shake your hind quarters when that theme starts... impossible I say!

So, to anyone who has invited me to places and I have not attended, etc. please note that I am enjoying the quieter, less social side of me... it is nothing personal. I just am sharing through these musings and observing. There are a few times I gab, but it is not as often as it used to be.

Ah, one never knows where life shall take the traveler...

Much love,

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