Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hopping Around like a Cricket on Acid

I am hopping around like a cricket on acid trying to manage school classes, shows, looking for a new job, re-organizing my room and life. Wow, but I like the hippity-hoppity of it all.

Here are a few thoughts:

Why do we stop colouring like we did as children? The past few days I have been working on a drawing page and it has been wonderful. I thoroughly recommend thatyou make some time in your day to colour. Just see the smile that slowly emerges on your face.

I have no clue what grades I will make this term, but I am DETERMINED to be present and learn. For the past few terms, I have felt like a prisoner shackled to the monster that is UALR. I will write it over and over for it is a consistent theme in my days... We are the artists of our perception and can literally change a situation sometimes by changing our own mindset about the scenario. I find myself excited to LEARN this term. Who cares about the grades? I will do my best and learn Spanish and Non-Western Music, theatre aspects I have not covered, and history of our planet. I find myself truly pumped about this term and only because I decided to be from the onset. Our perception can make all the difference. We are powerful beings.

I am trying to not overload myself for I tend to go from hermit Dustin to Super Dustin and EVERYTIME I get sick or drop out of a class, etc. So, this time I am focusing on class and trying to procure a new job, then next week will begin "The Artist's Way" and then the next week add working out. So, let's layer and not jump on in folks.

I got to pound a Maxwell House container today ala African tribal rhythms again today. Pick up something in your house and go to town for it makes the day better my friends, it really does. :-)

I had the first of many Wednesday lunches with my beloved Mama and I will always think she is CUTEST thing. What a treat and I look forward to it every week.

Today, I encountered a situation in which I was trying to push time along to my schedule instead of letting events occur as time affords. I instantly thought, "Live the questions now Dustin, live the questions now." Such a great quote and a profound statement.

Much love to you on this Hump Day (I love that term for purely dirty reasons),

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