Saturday, February 28, 2009

Scampering Back From the Hiatus

I awoke with these names in my head... surely they are characters from a forthcoming story tentatively entitled, "The Merman's Song":


What a perplexing and delicious way to greet the morning, I love it when that happens.

Jer is heading over to bond and I am trying to break the habit of making him wait when he arrives for me to finish getting ready. It is a tad ridiculous and just keeps happening, one of those atrocious habits that is born out of sheer laziness and poor time management skills.

I just love, love, love, love that guy. If I am the toothbrush, he is the floss, the Ron to my Harry, the Patty to my Sandi, the Pepper to my Doctor, the Dorothy to my Rose, the world's best person and my FAVOURITE. He keeps me sane, he really does.

The picture is from the wedding in which I performed last weekend. I think it is a classy and interesting shot.

There is loads to deliver and reveal as I took a brief hiatus, not intentionally, but I am back and here are some spoilers (blog spoilers, only in my world...):

Giggling during a show and completely "breaking",
Having one of the best conversations with a newfound friend,
My quest to find a person with whom I connect and go on a (clears throat and then gulps) date,
Planning my return trip to NYC,
Discussing the eloquence of one Dustin Lance Black at the Oscars and in his writing of the "Milk" screenplay,
Finding solace in listening to Sandi Patty (and a much overdue blog devoted to one of the most talented storytellers, the embodiment of passion, and one of the reasons I sing)....

Be well poppets and it is good to be alive, it really is... well, I don't really know what it is like to be dead (if there are hauntings and all that then maybe it would give life a run for its money...) but we shall stick with this... It is good to be alive.

I am overflowing with joy today,
The DASH (Haven't used that in a while)

P.S. I have 25 minutes to shower, get ready, and clean this mess of a room so Jer has a place to sit.... GREEEEEAT. :-)


Adam said...

Story? Wey kewl!

melaney82 said...

Return trip to NYC!?? When??