Thursday, February 12, 2009

Behind the Red Door

I walked through the red door not knowing what to expect, awash in trepidation and anticipation.

Finally a place to call my own.
My room...
My walls...
My red door.


of new:
new home,
new show/job,
new laptop (never had one),
new glasses,
new amazing sheets,
new fedora...

This red door welcomed me into the world of new, the world of independence, the world of possibility.

I am learning to let go, trying to usher in new habits, doing well some days, other days prove a bit more daunting. There have been no words for a time because I have been nestled in the quiet surrender of all around me, soaking in its cherished changing chapters.

Thanks little red door of Nine One Four, I could not love you any more.

Good to be back writing to my beloved poppets,


Erin said...

Yay! Love you DAB!

Meg said...

Welcome to the neighborhood love.