Thursday, August 20, 2009

Nods Head "No" and Grins

It is 9:10 and I have already showered, been to school, gotten the financial aid matter handled, registered for classes, emailed professors, talked with a dear soul, and taken over the world. Well one is not true. I did not shower. Wait, I did for I wanted to be sparkly clean.

It is raining again. So much rain for Arkansas in the past few months. (Ah, sentence fragments can really punch up a musing.) Jojo and I were endearingly whining about the rain for it is raining here and in Chicago too. I like wearing my glasses for they are fashionable, but in weather like this I either get blotchy due to the rain on the glasses or I look like I have low self-esteem due to looking down at the ground.

Ha. Life is hard today. Nods head "no" and grins.

So, I love rain... when I am indoors.
When I am outdoors, it can prove to be a glasses' worst nightmare.

Good news: I am enrolled in classes.
Bad news: Financial aid is delayed and I shall have to be creative to get books, etc.

Life is hard today. Nods head "no" and grins.

Much love to you today and wishing you a fun day in the rain.

Dancing the rain dance like I am eight and without a care in the world,

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