Friday, August 7, 2009

What The Mario? (For Bran Flakes)

Whilst driving home from my little musical tale where I speak funny like a Brit, I conversed with my older brother, (As I am the youngest of five, all the siblings are older... hmmm...moving on) Brandon (whom I call Bran Flakes) and I had an epiphany.

The lead character in Super Mario Brothers is called Mario. But, how can that be? If it is the Mario BrotherS does that not mean that Mario is the LAST name of the brothers in question? So, that would mean that Mario's full name is Mario Mario?

WHAT THE MARIO???? (WTM) (Let's start a new trend.)

Discuss and get back to me please.

(Disclaimer: My brothers and I like to call each other atrocious names. This is rather tame... but here goes:)

For Bran Flakes, you make me laugh you witty anal wizard bastard Elle Woods wanna-be likey making drinkies theatre room dung slaying straightgot (Bran Flakes coined the last one... funny as hell).

Love to you. And Mario, what is your full name? Birth certificate stat!



Nancy said...

I agree that Mario sounds like a first name, so what are they trying to do, confuse little kids who just wanted to make the little guys run all over the walls and smack the falling turtles? This bears looking into. Goodnight, Dustin Dustin.

Brandon said...

Thanks for the post, phlegm-swishing, festering, wart-covered, chattering bunghole.

Btw, evidently the good folk over at Nintendo have recognized the problem but not given a solution, except to say that his name is NOT "Mario Mario": .

Conly said...

Its almost like you went to college or something to use that sort of mind boggling logic.....or else some smart, talented, brainy friend finally rubbed of on you. Why does that sound suddenly wrong... :)

Either way, brilliant. Have never thought of that.

love your little sis.