Friday, August 28, 2009

Positive Resistance (22, Oh My!)

The horrid habits I harnessed the past few school terms are rearing their ugly heads (yes, there are multiples heads) in the first few days of classes.

I can create elaborate reasons not to do something. Quite funny and perplexing. I am happy to report that I have attended all classes and have sat in the Financial Aid office more times than I care to share, worked on homework, etc.

It is nice to have a daily to-do list and actually check off most of what was assigned. I have been doing these lists this week and always give myself more to do than I think will happen.

It will take some time to re-create myself in a university setting, but it feels so wonderful to know that I am trying again, making it happen, and holding myself to a new and more adult accountability, a positive resistance to the old that did not work for me.

Much love to you and wishing you positive resistance in the arenas of life that need to be tweaked,

Postscript for poppets: This month marks the most that I have blogged in one month: 22 times. For some reason, that is an event for me.

I googled "positive" and found both of these pictures to be intriguing. The first is called "Positive Energy" and I adore the colours and find the drawing to be calming and whimsical. The second, "Positive Thinking", is rather self-explanatory.

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