Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Tale of Darren

Once upon a time there was a delightful DVD player named Darren and a chap named Dustin who enjoyed watching DVDs. Dustin would put Darren atop two orange pillows in his bed and fall asleep to the dulcet sounds of his beloved DVD player.

Then, one day Darren died. It was a sad, sad day for Dustin. A beloved friend had departed and DVDs would never sound or look the same again.

For over a month Dustin kept Darren in his room, too sad to put him in the trash... Darren deserved more.

When the day arrived where Dustin was ready to send Darren to that Best Buy in the sky, Dustin moved the items on which Darren was lying and Darren fell to the hardwood floor.

Oh no!

But, Dustin had a bizarre idea, he could almost hear Darren saying, "Trust me, just do it."


Dustin placed a CD in Darren and Darren triumphantly sang, a tune that Dustin missed and knew so well. Then, Dustin put in a "Friends" DVD, a story no one told better than Sir Darren. And, Darren was resurrected. Because he fell, he was alive again. Oh the metaphors of rising after the fall Darren exuded!

So, last night Darren and Dustin were reunited and happy once more.

Together, and with the magic of TV on DVD, Darren and Dustin shall live happily ever after.


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Andrea Burns said...

such a precious tale. and something ironic. i have no tv, so my roomate was sweet and gave me her old mini dvd player as a gift. Now I'll have to name mine. What funny timing. love.