Saturday, August 2, 2008

Enjoying My Now

Much has transpired in the past few weeks. Sometimes I like blogging just to put things into perspective and share with whomever may be reading this little peek into my life. I will say this:

The Dark Knight
was impeccable. Simply impeccable. Artistic, well-acted, well-written, haunting, exquisite.

Two more Godspells left. I shall deeply miss the cast, but there are real friendships that have been forged so it is not really a goodbye.

Doing these shows and thinking about my Dad has been cathartic and I do miss him greatly, but am glad that he has been along for the ride of Sweeney and G'spell.

I am about to be busier that I know how to describe. School, writing, grad school scouting, another show (Hello Les Mis), etc. Whew. A blessed life I lead fellas.

I have been sorely disappointed in some possible romantic situations as of late, but I realize that one day, probably when least expected, the miracle of which I dream will dance into my life. And I am wonderful being single. I finally like me and who I am!!

I like the thirties thus far. Here are four mission statements that I created on this important birthday, this rite of passage:

To be a bearer of joy. (I cannot tell you how often I get told that I am a joy. It is a blessing and, frankly, something that I work to achieve sometimes. There is darkness and depression in me that I fight and I am elated that I give something positive to people.)

To be a servant to the gifts. (Wow, this mission statement really made me think about why I do the theatre/acting/musical storytelling thing. It is my calling and I am humbled to be doing it again.)

To revel in the connections. (It is all about who we meet and how we connect. All about relationship...)

To know who I am and be my highest self in all I seek and do. (That is sometimes harder said than done.)

This is a quote from the song, The Last Day and it is where I am currently:

"Would you live in the moment like when you were young and time didn't travel so fast? Being free in the present, enjoying the now, not tied to a future or a past..."

I love that the lyric refers to the future as well as the past. For most of my life I was either analyzing the past and learning the lessons (or trying -- wink) or preparing for some unknown future. I neglected or did not know how to live in the moment. I am at peace right now in many regards. And I am indeed enjoying my now.

I hope that you are as well. We are all artists of perception. Just look at your life and discover the good. It is there waiting to be noticed and given a little (or big) hug.

All the best to you,


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