Thursday, September 18, 2008

Impending Epic Storytelling -- Heroes:Villians

I am ready... so ready. It is going to make parts of my body melt it is going to be that good. I can feel it in a place that only I understand. :-) (There should have been some epic underscoring with those statements... I am thinking a cello, timpani, and a celesta.)

These photos are impeccable. Of course so is "Heroes".

Today we had a show for the "chitlins" and I was a giggle box and a half. Ah -- live performance, gotta love it. And I do...

I just had a strawberry limoncello martini from Olive Garden (The Big O.G.) and it was yummystein...

That is all I have to report. Time for a nap that will make all other naps sleepy it will be that epic and full of yawny cuddly with the pillowy times,


P.S. Never neglect flossing. I have in the past few days and my gums are a bit apathetic to the whole ordeal. Train those gums people!

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