Friday, October 29, 2010

And With This, Farewell

This blog has been a dear friend to me.
I am not good at farewells, but truly this is anything but.
I look at it like this - I love the phoenix, the symbolism of it all, the power of rebirth.

Hence why I named my blog/musing screen after one. :-)

So, I am leaving this particular blog to start another one, one that fits me NOW, the one that I can share in a new way.

So this feels right.

Thanks to those who have read my musings throughout the years. I hope you follow me to my new musing home entitled


Yes, I am changing the name, the story of that is on the new blog for you to read.

Here is the link:

Much love, much hope and joy again, much potential...

Winks and smiles of the Cat that is Cheshire,
Dustin Baylan

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