Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Circle of Creation

I spent last night writing another song with Jonathan Trotter called "And He Said to Himself", a song about being who you are even when the world is telling you otherwise.

I am just so happy about it, about writing again, about finishing a project that is one of the deepest passions I have known, and proud of myself for never letting go or losing the faith that these songs, these very personal tales of my spirit, would indeed see the light of day.

It really is a lifelong dream of mine to do this and share much of who I am and my journeys thus far in this collection of music. I am grateful to Jonathan for facilitating this dream and bringing my ideas to life and intertwining those ideas with his gifts, his storytelling and music abilities. He really does astound me.

And I am indebted to the other collaborators who helped me through this adventure thus far. Hell, I am not even recording yet and am like a contented child brimming over with passion for this opportunity.

People often ask me where I want "this to go" and I do not really know how to answer them. Let me simply say that just completing it will make me sleep better at night and will fulfill something I know I am "supposed" to do. Will I send it to people and get a website and post it on youtube, etc.?

Of course.

But that is external, that is something that I cannot control and my thirst to be validated as an artist is not guiding this vessel any longer. What does guide it is a grateful man who has been given gifts and endured hardships and lived joys that he wants to share with anyone who cares to listen.

Let THAT be part of my legacy: that you are NEVER alone, there is always someone traversing the path you now trod, or has been there before and can lend a hand, or someone that soon will venture there too.

We are all connected and I am so mindful of that and so joyous to be translating that to music.

Much, much, much love,

I have included three pictures of Jonathan and me that make me laugh. They are from a few years ago but I think they capture us. Oh, that Trotter!

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