Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Such. Beautiful. Music. Today...

Hmmm how to filter and still tell a story?

Well here goes:

I started the morning with delicious activities (YAY), then was at Hallmark for 8 hours. I was quite fatigued, but would have it no other way. What a lovely start of the day and it is wonderful to work in a place that I like and that brings out the good of me...

During my workday I received a phone call from Brie that she was stopping by the house and cleaning my sheets and doing all of my laundry at her place in her real washer and dryer.


The washer and dryer combo at my place is the size of a toaster so it makes getting caught up on laundry a labour of due diligence.

So I drove to Brie's after work and arrived to be served a mouth-watering meal. Yes, she served it to me!

I remarked that I had somehow stepped into an alternate reality where I had a wife, after a day of work she made me a meal and did SEVERAL loads of my laundry folding all of it neatly in laundry baskets.

Who does this?

Brie does this I proclaim!

Then, I passed out on her comfy bed whilst watching "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince". What a night.

So, on a day that always begins in a dark haze (Dad, on this fourth birthday with you not here to celebrate, I am reminded over and over again how much I love you and miss you and hate this whole dying thing) I found such joys from a dear friend and a man that keeps redefining potential and adorable.

I find myself feeling so lucky and connected to the notion that I KNOW Dad is smiling seeing me feel this happy.

To Brie, I love you and cannot believe you did this for me today.

And to Dad, for you I sing my song of bliss and I hear you joining in the refrain.


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