Thursday, April 22, 2010

But Tonight

Interesting item of life that I have discovered is that when I am living a full life and SO MUCH is happening, I do not write as often. The past few days especially could have been full of lessons, thoughts, fears, wow - I truly ran the gamut, but I was far too busy and exhausted to write any musings.

But tonight I rehearsed with my Mama and sang our duet for my forthcoming concert. It is such a JOY to sing with her.

I have been stressed about this event for it had to come together quickly and I have been trying to learn music and get all the necessary details sorted out.

But tonight I just sang and shared and am anticipating this Sunday night greatly.

Finally, five of my little babies get to see the light of day (really it will be the dark of night, but that just sounds scary). These original songs are my heart and I cannot believe that I am getting to perform them at last.

This is one of those nights in which I am living in these moments so grateful to have music as my life's blood and so humbled that I have the talented and wonderful artists and friends that I have in my path.

Thanks to all who have helped me bring this night, these songs, these stories to fruition.

Much love to you now and always,

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