Monday, November 24, 2008

That's My Girl/ Oh, My Edward/ Finding the Holiday in Me/ Writing is a Childlike Joy

This past week was a blur and one that was exciting and brought about change, cinematic wonder, and hope.

I have talked about "Twilight", but I must reiterate that I adore the film. I have now seen it THREE times. I think that it is a perfect manifestation of the novel. I am THRILLED that they have green-lit the sequel, "New Moon". The beauty of creation of all sorts of genres continues to entice and intrigue me. I read the "Twilight" series this summer and it has become a part of my fabric of delights... along with "The West Wing", "Friends", "Harry Potter", "Clue", "Roger Rabbit", Sandi Patty, Gavin Creel, "Wicked", and Dr. Pepper. :-)

I am consistently in awe of the way these creations meander into my life and make it enjoyable, provide a safe harbour in which I can venture and explore the caverns of creativity and uncharted worlds.

When a film version is made out of a novel, I rejoice. I know that the two will NOT be the same, nor should they be, but I look forward to seeing my love of the written word co-mingling with my love of all things film.

The change portion of my sentence refers to the wedding that I attended and in which I performed this weekend. My Mama (yes, Mama -- that is what I call her...) got remarried. As I have chronicled my grief over the death of my Dad, etc. I shall simply say it was an event that caught me by surprise in the sense I was all aflutter seeing her enter the room. I was breathless and began to cry. My Mama was exquisite, she was the most beautiful I have ever seen her and she was joyous... she was almost glowing.

And I felt my Dad there for an instance, looking in and saying:

"That's my girl and now she is happy again... It is time for her to move on and start anew."

I seem to always perform at my family (and others) functions. That only makes sense as I am a singer and performer, but it seems that I am the official musical spokesperson for the BEAM (and now Darling -- Yes, that is my Mom's new name...) clan. I sing at funerals, weddings, whatever you need. Ha ha... I think that the next few events I attend I merely want to be a spectator. That would be nice.


It just seems to fit and I applaud my hot little Mama and wish her every happiness. It is certainly her time to bask in the mountaintop array of joyous and never-ending sunlight. I love you Janet Lee Darling: Mom, devoted confidante, friend, and one of my favourites. :-)

The hope portion of my opening statement refers to the upcoming holidays and my desire to make them enjoyable and fresh. I plan to watch lots of Thanksgiving themed episodes of "Friends", "The West Wing", "Gilmore Girls", and the Thanksgiving Garfield which I feel is a classic. I adore singing Christmas tunes as well and the time to sing those tunes has commenced.

Also, I am FINALLY (I have decided that capitalizing the letters makes for a bold and dramatic statement -- It is as if I just discovered the CAPS LOCK or SHIFT key. :-) ) making headway on my fantasy novel, "Jarryd and Noki" and writing about this world in which I am a lone visitor and feel as though I am a vessel into the psyches of these characters is a new childlike toy to me. I feel as though I am in my own little writing sandbox. If others taste a fraction of the felicity to which my heart dances when I am writing and in the throngs of delicious creation, then I will be overwhelmed.

I have included a picture from the wedding and shall include more, pictures from the Twilight event extravaganza (I am seeing it this week again!!!), a picture of my nieces, my brother, and I being silly for the camera after the wedding and post-Twilight, one of my nieces and I at the ceremony, and some other photographs of the irresistible Robert Pattinson who IS Edward. I just want to meet him and hug him and say, "Job well done, job well done!"

Drinking in these tasty treats of my life,

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Penny said...

Sadly, while I do not share your love for Twilight, I must say that you have convinced me to get a blogspot, if not for anything then to talk about you. (I have another over at MyFursona, but they're brand new and the system's a bit wonky. Not to mention I don't often have much to talk about over there. Bleh.)

Also CAPS LOCK FOR CRUISE CONTROL. Which is a really bad internet meme, but illustrates you point about the CAPS LOCK KEY. I often use it myself; I always worry that I might be overdoing it, but...


Also, your part about the wedding made me cry. I was a bit breathless, too, if not for the fact that Grandmama and the girls looked gorgeous (and Terry looked great in the suit), but also because, well, it was the second wedding Robbie and I had been to in a week. I think it kind of struck us somehow. Seeing our friends Dorothy and John, and then Grandma and Terry, just has us both acting extra lovey-dovey. I think I might be a little nervous about it all! :X But it's a good thing.

Anyhow, we should talk more, etc., etc. I have to go change the laundry now.

Buckle up and don't forget to brush your teeth before bed. *hugz*