Thursday, June 24, 2010

Open a Surprise Door

"I think if you focus on how you perceive things

and their potential

your potential

you open surprise doors

things may indeed seem hopeless at times

but it is more likely that you haven't seen the right angle of it

and noticed what might await you if you face it in a different mindset"

My insightful friend Chris wrote this to me when I was frankly discussing my life. I like the idea of surprise doors and looking at the right angle of something. Everything can change based on perspective.

For some time now I have lost perspective.

Often, I can see the changes I need to make but then become so overwhelmed that I freeze and do not accomplish the goal. Patterns and deeply entrenched lessons are hard to change, hard to find the truth that you need to live.

I dwell in my head and analyze to the point of destroying the good of a situation and circling around the scenario so much it is but an emotional blur.

Honestly, at times it is exhausting to be me.

I would not begin to say I know how to rectify this, but at least I am acknowledging it and starting to try, one thing at a time. I tend to try and get to the last part of the road before I have decided the path, so that is something to learn as well.

If nothing else, the world is trying to teach me to be honest with myself and really look at ALL OF ME (not just what I want those to see) and to be patient.

I have never been good at either of those - I guess it is time to try and try and try again until I am.

And, hopefully somewhere in the process I will open a surprise door.

Thanks again Chris!


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