Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Periwinkle Song

I write this feeling as dark as the night outside the sea of windows in this playroom where I reside. Shell-shocked by multiple changes, overtaking me in quick succession... I sit here and am lulled by the wind. It knows not that people are sleeping around him, so he valiantly and gracefully shares his music with me. It is a performance for one. He took a moment's faint breath, but now begins to work and adding to the song we share are the dance of timid raindrops.

I feel alone although I know that not to be true. Sometimes my heart cannot feel the truth. Maybe it is easier to be alone, I don't know. I do know that I want to be loved in a way that makes time stop and say, "I have never seen it done like that before."

The wind haunts me and makes me breathe in the melancholy of this evening and this periwinkle moment.

For you brave wind and stirring rain, I sing from the midnight of my soul.

Adding my melody to this, our periwinkle song.


Meg said...

Dustin, that was beautiful. And this coming from a person who strives to write things that come across the page as moving and beautiful everyday. That was beautiful and heartbreaking. And sometimes we need to write those things.

ATwistedThought said...

The Wedding Looks Beautiful and Sounds Beautiful in Your Words Dustin.