Sunday, December 21, 2008

Holiday Homage Part Ten: Animation

When I started this Holiday Homage concept, I had a few ideas about my subject matter. Funny how your actual writings can morph into something altogether different than the original thoughts frolicking about the cranium (not the game, the actual cranium). Perhaps in a "typical" Holiday Homage one would write about Christmas memories. However, I am nothing if not atypical. Ha. I am merely sharing the people and creations that are making this season worthwhile to me right here, right now.


How enraptured am I to watch an animated feature.
In the early 90s, "Aladdin" made everything better, made me want to sing, helped me see the world differently.
From "Sleeping Beauty" to almost everything Pixar churns out, there is therapy in animation, be it 2-D or 3-D. Watching Aurora and the Prince dance, routing for the unlikely duo in "The Fox and the Hound", wishing you could be "on a magic carpet ride", applauding a courageous rat who follows his heart, and believing a robot can love are the stories that are a cinematic hug, something of which I have never tired.

I was just watching "Toy Story 2" with Quin. How I adore the camaraderie one can achieve with a completely open, generous, and fun child. He is one of my favourite people that I have been privileged to know. Together we watched and laughed at the journey of the beloved characters.

I enjoyed the definition of animation. (ASIDE: Can you tell that I frequent I am a lover of words, poppets. Oh, yes I am.) Vivacity is such a fun word. (Please say it with me. VI-VA-CI-TY!)

an⋅i⋅ma⋅tion   [an-uh-mey-shuhn]
1. animated quality; liveliness; vivacity; spirit: to talk with animation.
2. an act or instance of animating or enlivening.
3. the state or condition of being animated.
4. the process of preparing animated cartoons.

In my dreams I am an animated character.

Were I an animated creation, I think I would be entertaining and would welcome children colouring my image in a sweet colouring book. They could even colour out of the lines and I would smirk.

Sometimes, if I intently focus, I can see the world in brilliant animated hues. On the hard days, it brings me peace. On the chipper days, it gives me a giggle.

WIshing you your giggles and the instant therapy of animation,

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