Sunday, July 5, 2009


I am glad I was born.

Life is delicious, "confusifying", and everything it needs to be IN




Not AT that particular moment, but IN that moment. I am living in the "in" not the "at" and it feels pretty damn good. :-)

Friends. Games. Talks. Love. Yay.

I am taking this week to disconnect from technology to reconnect with who I want to be in this, my second year of the 30s.

Last year I learned to love myself, finally.

This year, it is time to decide who I really want to be again, in this new place, this new skin. I feel undefined in realms and it is time to find my own definitions and explore in the playground of a phoenix.

The phoenix am I, with my many lives and dreams... time to distill, hone, be...

Whew. 31, here I come. :-)


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