Tuesday, July 21, 2009

All About the "re"

Life is good.
Reorganizing how I do some things.
Scheduling and retooling.
I guess it is all about the "re" tonight folks.
Ah "folks" and its colloquial charm.
And "re" and its "I am clever for I made a prefix joke" ha ha-nicity.
I am chock-full of bruhaha tonight. :-)
My pal and Word Wizard, Ian, taught me that I have been misusing "myriad" for, well forever. Yikes. So any past blogs where I used it as a noun instead of an adjective, well, it was a bold choice to show all that one is not perfect. Yes, that is why.

Love "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince". Worth the wait.
Really enjoying the world of "How I Met Your Mother" (Thanks again to Ian!)
Trying to get my life in order in all the left-brained ways. Not natural for me, but loving thinking on the other side. :-)

With that, I am out poppets... (and yes, that was intended as a pun.)

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