Saturday, September 19, 2009

Who Knows? (The Witty Labels Pressure Me)

There is a reason one should be in BED ASLEEP at 8:13 am (the time I started writing this musing) and not awake.

It was both a great and odd night.

Certain topics are NOT for public consumption, but for close friends. Ha.

Sometimes vodka brings out the truth within you that you never knew existed.


I love Quin.
I love the Clarks.
I love Jer Bear.
I love Jojo.
I love creativity.

I don't love the ludicrous sound reverberating from some type of MASSACRE SAW, making my joints implode instantaneously... somewhere in my neighborhood several cats are being castrated... at least that is what it sounds like. And on a Saturday... For shame, for shame.

At 8 am, even the morning birds are saying,

"Dude, what the eff?"

For some reason birds have a contemporary spin/ghetto vibe to them.

I blame modern technology. :-)

The following two random phrases I have used recently make me literally "laugh out loud" as opposed to the "lol" that others use as a contemporary filler. If you do not giggle, you possess poor taste in wit and also in footwear. I don't know why on the second, but you do, trust me. I shan't lie.

"It smells like death on a bun in here."

"At night, I like to google myself until I YAHOO!"

And with that, I shall let you move onto other sources of entertainment. Might I suggest a quiet art film with popcorn?


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