Sunday, September 13, 2009

With a Seahorse on Your Forehead

Last night I went to my brother's/sis in law's housewarming party. I got tatted up with some kid tattoos: 5 in all, a seahorse on my forehead, a lion on my cheek, a giraffe on my wrists , and two different fun aliens on my MASSIVE biceps.

Ah, how can you have a bad day with a seahorse on your forehead?

Today is one of those days in which I have much writing and studying to do and I cannot seem to motivate myself to make soup. Yes, make soup.

So, off to try and make some magic happen via soup, tea, writing, studying, etc.

The rain is so beautiful and the grey of this day speaks to me.

Just love it.

Much heartitude and gratitutions,

PSfP: This is NOT the seahorse tattoo, but I really liked it and thought I would display it valiantly. :-)

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