Sunday, November 15, 2009

Now I CHOOSE the Joy

Tonight Duvall, Jer, Megan, Jamie, and I ate a meal together. The first three and I grocery shopped together and made steak, salad, bread, and baked potatoes together. Jamie brought a Mmm mmm dessert.

It was like a family talking, cooking, and eating together. It was thrilling and joyous.

Then, Brie came over. Jamie went home. Duvall went to work. We talked, drank and watched (wait for it) "Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors" and then Duvall came home and watched the end with us.

He then read a schoolbook with so many double entendres it is impossible that it was not meant intentionally. He read it aloud in two of the funniest voices EVER.

We laughed and laughed and giggled and reveled in each others joy and company.

Tonight was one of the best nights I have ever lived, period. And it was simple, true, and full of just being ourselves. THESE are my favourite times, the ones that heal and propel me forward and make me blessed to be alive and who I am, where I am, and arriving at a place where I can see the befores and just smile at the pain and say, "You were a comfort to me and a life I knew for far too long."

"Now I CHOOSE the joy."

And it is ALWAYS a choice.

I could write on and on and on about this night, but let me say this:

My friends make me happy. Feeling at home makes me happy. Food always makes me happy.

I am just happy and I want to give that to the world, to anyone that is not happy, I want to hug them and share my energy and let them laugh with me and smile knowing there is SO MUCH out there, so much to conquer, and so much to live and love.

And I love you Jer, Brie, Megan, Jamie, and Duvall (in the order of how long I have known you): my odd little family. :-)

With the warmest of smiles and deepest of joys,

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