Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Pinwheels Return

The Rep Young Artists Show, "Follie Holidays" was extraordinary, charming, funny, and heartfelt. I was taken aback at how much I loved the production. Go see it.

I started back at the Pier and there are many changes that I like. For one, they have some of the quirkiest products. I wanted to buy ten or so items and had to tell myself, "You just started working because you are broke. Do not let the Wicker and Candles beguile your financial senses." It was a busy and fun first day back. I am heading there in just a bit to do it all over again.

The past few days my spirit and mind and body have flipped course from pensive land to the manic pinwheel-like energy world. I tend to go through my moments and seasons, but I am loving the newfound exuberance, muse, joy, and laughter.

I cannot stop laughing. I love it.

The past couple of nights are the FIRST times I have felt like this is home. Duvall and his charm and roommate extraordinaire gifts of comedy, being real, and culinary wizardry helped make that FINALLY happen. Thanks Duvall. There is no place like home indeed and it has been so long since I lived that peace. :-)

I am including a smattering of some pics of the last couple of months thanks to my beloved friend and talent Stephanie whom I will always refer to as "My Eliza". She is so damn cute that is was easy to "stalk" her every night. (in the show, yes, just the show.)

To all of you, I hope this day brings you whatever it is that you need.

Love to all my poppets,

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