Saturday, December 19, 2009

Falling into my Hands

How did I fall into this life, this story of beauty?
I love tonight... Brie, Jer, Jamie, and I (and others) had a surprise party for Duvall. Just like anyone born on Christmas day, Duvall "got the shaft" (and not in the gay fun way) on his birthday.

It was a blur and such fun trying to throw together this soiree. And Duvall was surprised and seemed to have a great time.

I must say that I cannot recall when I have been this happy at this time of the year.

I love my friends.
I love my jobs.
I am loved in many places.
I love myself.
I am happy about Christmas.
I get to have fun nights with my friends.
I love my house.
I love my room.
And I just love life and the blessings that keep falling into my hands, and am so grateful that I have lived long enough to know when something is precious and possess the awareness to cuddle with that particular moment, knowing that it is potentially fleeting and that I am living my truth RIGHT NOW.

Such liberation I feel and to know it at this time of the year, a time that has seen me feeling my darkest, is even sweeter, purer, deeper, and more miraculous.

My friends, I am living my Christmas miracle and I could not be happier.

Much love, hope, truth, joy, bliss, peace, and awareness to you.

Live your ideal life now. Let no one tell you it cannot be done. There is no cannot, only can,

PSfP: It feels AMAZING to be writing again and sharing my journey journals, really it does.

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