Friday, December 18, 2009

On the Other Side of Things

I am breathing a bit better.
I passed Spanish (barely) with a D. While that may not look like a feat to many, those who know me and the odd journey of that class will know it was a victory. Then I made higher grades in every other class than I thought. I made an A in a History class. Amen! I made another A in Theatre. And I made a B in History of Non-Western Music. I find it funny that my grades this term are A DAB for that is what I am, A DAB of brilliance and spirit!

It feels wonderful to know that I am a student again, meaning I am investing and attending and trying my best to learn.

I recently discovered I would be graduating a FULL TERM earlier. I will be finished with UALR in the Fall of 2010. I am going to make out with that piece of paper indeed. It has been such a long, odd, draining, invigorating, eye-opening adventure getting a degree. From the early days at UALR to AMDA and back to UALR through the sicknesses and deaths and depressions...

I feel as though I am on the other side of things.

Now, in the brilliant words of Jed Bartlet (Aaron Sorkin), I shall say:
"What's next?"

And that my fellow musing readers, is the most exciting question and I am SO looking forward to the next frontier.


PSfP: The first picture is entitled "Relative Calm" and I love the tranquil and valiant sunlight peeking its head after a storm. Chaos happens and there is no fighting it. But sooner or later, the sun will shine and there will be a NEW DAY again. I love how that circle keeps churning and repeating.

The second picture is one that came across my laptop screen when I typed "serenity". I think it is beautiful and portrays finding calm in the midst of the storm, not after it, but in the midst. A very rare and special gift that grief taught me and continues to do so.

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