Friday, June 26, 2009


Tonight during a performance of "The Producers" something hilarious happened. I was in the middle of "Along Came Bialy", which is a number with old ladies dancing about wildly with their walkers, when I accidentally flung my right shoe several feet downstage.

I have often wished that the audience could actually hear the internal monologue of an actor when a moment goes awry. In the course of a few seconds, I had decided what I needed to do to procure the shoe for if I did not, it would be in the way of the rest of the cast during the Act 1 finale. If the viewers had heard me, there was an impressive string of expletives screaming in a mischievous and petrified chorus.

I was impressed with how fast I retrieved the shoe and how I placed it on my foot right before I had a little dancy dance with the lead, Max.

Oh live theatre. :-)

If only it had been a prince that found the shoe and placed it on my foot... If only. (Of course I am not sure I would want a prince to see me in an old lady dress, wig, etc. for that brings about all sorts of gender issues long since forgotten.)

Tonight, I was Cinderfella and it was hysterical, odd, and frightening. Gotta love that. :-)


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