Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In the Portal of Water (Reconnection)

Ha. That is what my spirit is communicating to me at this precise moment.

These last blogs have shown a portion of how I process and start anew with a soul game plan, henceforth referred to as S.G.P.

Many virtual oil paintings of promise and hope unfurled in quick succession in the past hours:

I feel as though I live in my home now. I took my first bath here. (Note: I have taken showers and been quite Mr. Hygiene, but this was my foray into bathing at the magic house with the red door.)

I lay there meditating, listening to Sandi's "Artist of My Soul" over and over again, letting the events of the past few days just wash over me with the water. It was beautiful and therapeutic.

I thought about the forthcoming CD and my end goal with the songs and the stories.

I thought about how most of my ideas are borne in or around water and how magical water as an entity is... its escape to another world, a portal to the subconscious.

I thought about my Dad and how his story and mine are brilliantly intertwined.

I thought about my good fortune to have a sound mind and the ability to express myself through song, through words, and to know who to call when I need advice and a shoulder.

I thought about how I have the best friends that life could ever afford.

I thought about the arenas of my life that need drastic overhaul and the arenas that look pretty damn good.

I thought about telling a friend recently that I felt as though my soul and my person were separated, that my soul was lounging on a pristine beach and my personality was having a rough time of it in the turbulent ocean. It is nice, that truly in the course of a few hours, with sound advice, with analysis, and Sandi, I am feeling like I am reconnecting the two once more.

Mostly, I thought how great it is to be alive, even when I am fearful and blazing a myriad of new trails...

Trailblazing me,

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