Friday, June 5, 2009

Stranger in the Fog

I have been SO ill this week and down in spirit due to some life matters, but even in that fog, I have come to some peaceful and surprising decisions about my life. At times I have felt like a stranger in the fog, to myself, to life, to joy, but I welcomed the unfamiliar and have grown from the process. Really.

I keep writing it and saying it, but even in the chaos there is beauty if you look for it and when you do indeed discover the wonder, it is that much sweeter.

I have no voice, have missed rehearsals and have to go and run the show tonight feeling like I could fall over at any moment. There is something both intrinsically sad and hysterical about that.

Oh how life is mischievous making those too often dance hand-in-hand.

I am thankful for much and that needs to be noted. The people that are in my life are nothing short of grace and frivolity embodied.

I am making myself go to the theatre tomorrow and see "Up" as I am no longer contagious and I feel like I am a part of the Pixar machine. Sometimes it calls to me in the middle of the night (like the Billy Joel tune, but different) and answer it I do!

Peace to you poppets,


Conly Basham said...

I am now part of the blog world.

love you.

want to see up with you.

can that happen?

feel better. smile.

Catherine said...

Dearest DAB,
So sad to hear you've been ill - had I but known I would have nursed you with chicken soup and pots of hot tea with honey and lemon.
As always, "the show must go on ..."
I anxiously await your review of "Up"
Your pal and confidant,