Saturday, June 27, 2009


1591, from godbwye (1573), itself a contraction of God be with ye, infl. by good day, good evening, etc.

I have such a problem with goodbyes... of all kinds, be it uttering that word after a show concludes, when a friend moves, when a television program ends. I am not quite sure when I developed this quirk.

Tonight I had to say "goodbye" to three people that I met during "Les Mis" and that have been such blessings in my life. I did not get much face time with them due to my schedule, but I wanted to write to them and say, that in each of their own unique ways, they made my life better and more special.

So to Becky, Elise, and Jesus (in alphabetical order -- I find that to be best), I raise my voice and say:

Job well done.
Thanks for all that you brought to my life and for making me feel valued and wonderful. You are all gems and I wish you the best and KNOW I will see you again someday soon.

A temporary aside: Chris Lomaka, thanks for the lunch. How refreshing and filling was our conversation... I love those moments and thanks for drinking it in with me.

All of these people I met because of the wonder that was/is "Les Mis" and I am still taken aback at how miraculous that show was on every level possible.

Regardless of who we all feel God is, I do hope that God is with you on your continuing expeditions and that you love, laugh, and learn (and lollipop... because everyone loves a lollipop and I love alliteration!) and that you stay safe and warm.

Love and love and love and more love that is almost embarrassing and then more love still,
Dustin Ashley
(Luna/Luno Lovegoode)

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